About Us

Finespun clothing was started in the Covid period & preparing for times to come.A crisis that we all are facing right now...
We at Finespun clothing believe, it's always teamwork for bringing the best result.We choose materials and embroidery techniques carefully, always keeping our artisans’ excellent craftmanship in mind from design to execution, the team takes on each piece uniquely. It is the love of the work itself and source of income for skilled trade.
All pieces are handcrafted by local artisans using traditional techniques of embroidery to create unique pieces.. And our designs are sophisticated, Boho, fresh and exciting. We all love celebrations and we incorporate an element of celebration in our designs striking a perfect balance between subtle and statement. In these times of crisis we all begin to understand our responsibility towards each other and the planet.
After working for 11 years in the apparel & garment export industry , we always wondered why we see better garments outside India when we are producing it, And we found collection which are not even launched in India and were MADE IN INDIA.
In time we grew and kept moving ahead & several artisans associated with us. Each one skilled in their own way,This covid 19 situation was our wake up call, and decided to start this company, supporting Skilled artisans and providing the quality and creativity by putting our knowledge and experience for better tomorrow. We at Finespun believes in using natural material and not to pollute environment and support the Artisan who have lost their job in this crisis.​
We hope that you would love our products and invest in supporting the people who creats them.